How to Store Tea Sandwiches (Helpful Tips to Stay Fresh)

How to Store Tea Sandwiches

Tea sandwiches are small and mostly contain only a small amount of ingredients. A tea sandwich is almost a quarter of the size of the normal sandwich. 

Based on your taste and preference, your sandwich can include ingredients such as watercress, cheese, chicken salad, cucumbers, chicken, cream cheese, etc. 

But how do you store tea sandwiches to keep them fresh? Let’s find out.

Spread with Butter or Margarine

To make tea sandwiches that can stay fresh all night long, you must use the right procedures to make them. 

Take two slices of bread and spread the first one with a very thin layer of margarine or butter before assembling the sandwiches.

Be sure to spread the butter or margarine carefully and evenly so that you end up with a perfect layer that will not let in the air during storage. 

Also, the spreading and assembling of the sandwiches ensure that they do not get soggy, which is crucial when storing the sandwiches through the night.

Use Desired Fillings

There is an array of fillings, and you can use any that your guests or loved ones will enjoy eating. Note that this is not the perfect time to cut the sandwiches. 

Instead, you want to focus on the fillings so that you end up with something unique and delicious. 

Once you have placed the fillings, pick the other side of the bread to complete your sandwiches.

Be careful not to break the slices as that would let in air, which would make the tea sandwiches go bad during storage. 

If you are not good at placing the fillings, consider asking for assistance from an experienced family member.

Use an Airtight Container

Now that you are done with the initial stage of making the tea sandwiches, you want to get an airtight container, and it can be made of plastic or glass. 

Make sure to get a container with enough room to contain all the sandwiches that you have made for the guests.

Next, you want to use a layer of wax paper to cover the sandwiches to prevent unwanted particles from contaminating the treat. 

The wax paper should also be covered with a thin layer of damp paper towels (make sure it is not wet or dripping). Place the lid of the container in position and put it inside a refrigerator.

Remove From Storage Ahead of Time

When it is almost time to take your tea, make sure to remove the container from the refrigerator.

This should be approximately two hours before tea time.

tea sandwiches

By doing this, you will give the tea sandwiches enough time to warm up slightly. Place the sandwiches on a clean, even surface, and use a serrated knife to cut them.

Final Thoughts

You can cut them in your preferred shapes and have them nicely arranged on a serving tray. Until you are ready to serve, make sure the tea sandwiches are covered with wax paper. 

Sandwiches taste better when not too cold, which is why you should let them warm up a little bit before cutting and arranging on the tray.

If you plan on storing the sandwiches a week or so prior to serving, freezing the sandwiches is always an option.