Asian Sandwiches – All Time Traditional Favourites


Sandwiches are mainly bread slices filled with cheese, meat, veggies, etc. in other words a sandwich is something that acts as a container or wrap different fillings inside it. It mainly originated in Europe and adapted by the western culture. But, Asian sandwiches have gained popularity over time and are relished across the whole world now.

In this article we have covered 7 popular Asian sandwiches for all taste buds.

Asian Sandwiches You Must Try At Least Once

1. Bombay sandwich

Main ingredients- potato, bread, butter, garam masala (a powder or blend of whole Indian spices), green chutney (mainly contains coriander, mint, with a garlicky flavor).

Origin and history. It is an Indian traditional sandwich. It originated from the city of Mumbai/Bombay.

Preparation- the sandwich bread used is normally crust less and it is white. On one slice of the bread, butter is spread and on the other slice, the green chutney is spread. In between the bread slices, a mixture of potato and spices is put along with some other vegetables.

Flavors, what it taste like?- the potato mixture contains spice blends such as black pepper, chaat masala, cinnamon, fennel, and cumin. Other vegetables contain slices of bell peppers, tomatoes, beetroots, onion, and cucumber.

The chutney is made up of a bend of coriander, mint, garlic, chili, and a few spices. The lip-smacking sandwiches are generally spicy and have a burst of flavors.

Bombay sandwiches are generally found in various restaurants, and casual eateries, and it is a famous Mumbai street food.

2. Yakisoba pan

Main ingredients- yakisoba noodles, bread rolls, and various vegetables.

Origin and history- Yakisoba pan is an unusual name and just like its name it is an unusual combination of yakisoba noodles which is stir-fried and bread rolls. It originated in Japan. Soba noodles are buckwheat noodles and the stir-fried dish is named Yakisoba.

Preparation- the yakisoba noodles are stir fried in a pan with assorted vegetables and then drenched in thick, sweet sauce. This blend is then stuffed inside the white bread roll. It is served with pickled ginger, dry seaweed strips, and drizzled with mayonnaise.

Flavors, what it taste like?- it is a stir fry noodles that has diced meat, and vegetables, and the sauce is on the sweeter side and has a thick consistency, quite similar to Worcestershire sauce.

Yakisoba pan is generally available in supermarkets and grocery stores and it is enjoyed as breakfast or a quick snack in Japan. 

3. Roti John

Main ingredients- French loaf, eggs, minced meat, vegetables, spices, and onions.

Origin and history- it originated in Singapore by Shukor who was a hawker. It is still a mystery but many believe that it was Shukor who created it in the 1970s.

Preparation- the French loaf is cut lengthwise and coated generously in beaten eggs, onions, minced meat, spices, and veggies. After coating it is top-down fried to get the toppings crispy.

Flavors, what it taste like?- it is a fried dish served warm, and cut into small pieces. It tastes fresh with punch of spices combined with assorted veggies and meat.

Places to eat Roti john- Shukor stall Makanan Istimewa, Rosy and Nora, Suriya curry House, The bread gang, and many more.

4. Cold Cut Banh Mi


Main ingredients- French baguette, coriander, pork shank, headcheese, sausage, pickled carrots, daikon, chili peppers, cucumbers, liver pate, and mayonnaise.

Origin and history- it originated in Saigon, Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam.

Preparation- the baguette is stuffed with liver pate (pork), thin slices of headcheese, pork shank, and gio lua sausage. Next, it is filled with pickled carrots, daikon, mayonnaise, chili, cucumber, and coriander.

Banh Mi is a popular street food among local people and is found in street carts in Vietnam.

5. Kumru

Main ingredients- kumru bread, tomato, kasseri cheese, sujuk susage.

Origin and history- it originated in Turkey in the 1950s. it is a sandwich that is toasted prepared with a bread made of chickpea flour and sinik.

Preparation- the bread is stuffed with kasar cheese, tomatoes, and sujuk sausages. Now-a-day it contains red pepper, pickle, cured meat, ketchup, and mayonnaise.

Places to eat Kumru- Kumrucu Omur, Kumrucu Sevki, and many more.

6. Kaya toast

Main ingredients- bread and kaya ( spread which is made up of eggs, sugar, pandon, and coconut milk).

Origin and history- it originated in Singapore and was made by Hainanese people. The kaya spread replaced the jams made by the British.

Preparation- the bread was filled with kaya spread and it was served along with butter slices, and eggs (semi-boiled), and was usually paired with hot milk tea or coffee.

Places to eat Kaya toast- Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Tong Ah Eating House, Chin Mee Chin Confectionery, and many more.

7. Sabich

Main ingredients- pita bread, eggplant, eggs, hummus, Israeli salad, tahini sauce, parsley, and amba (pickled mango).

Origin and history- it originated in Israel by the Jews of Iraq in the 1940s.

Preparation- the pita bread is stuffed with eggs that are hard-boiled, tahini sauce, fried eggplants, amba, hummus, salad, and fresh parsley.

It is consumed for breakfast or as a snack on the Sabbath morning.

Places to eat Sabich – A famous street food as well as available in restaurants like Sabich Oved, Aricha Sabich, Sabich Frishman, and many more.

I hope you found this article on Asian Sandwiches helpful.