Brie Baguette Recipe

Brie Baguette Recipe with Bacon & Red Onion

Inspired by our delightful friends over at Good Food and having always been a lover of the mild but simply delicious French cheese, Brie. I just had to indulge myself and try this brie baguette recipe.

Brie is a soft cows milk cheese with a mild flavor. We’re going to add a bit of extra zest to our brie baguette with some red onion chutney and crispy bacon. Yummy!

How to Make a Brie Baguette

To start off with we’re going to need around 200 grams of brie to make a single baguette. Some bacon, a couple of slices is ideal and several tablespoons of red onion chutney.

brie baguette ingredients
brie baguette with bacon

Cook the bacon slices however you like, I tend to fry mine in a little oil. Now layer the bacon along the inside of a sliced baguette and top with chunks of brie.

brie bageutte
melted brie

Place under a nice hot grill inside the oven until the brie has turned all nice and ooie goowie. Yummy!

Remove from the grill and top with lashings of red onion chutney only how your old granny in Provence used to do.

Its time now to serve this French classic. Bonne degustation!


Brie Baguette with Bacon & Red Onion


  • Baguette – 1 half per serving
  • Brie cheese – 200 grams
  • Bacon slices x 2
  • 2 Tbsp red onion chutney
Brie Baguette Recipe
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  1. Cook the bacon slices
  2. Cut the baguette in half then slice down the middle
  3. Layer bacon inside bageutte
  4. Add chunks of brie cheese on top of bacon
  5. Place baguette under grill
  6. Remove from grill once cheese has melted
  7. Top with red onion chutney
  8. Serve