What Is Special About Kewpie Mayo? (Japanese Mayonnaise)


What Is Special About Kewpie Mayo?

Mayonnaise is one of the most iconic condiments. It is extremely versatile and has a lush, creamy texture. However, not all mayonnaise is created equal. In fact, this popular condiment is made differently depending on where in the world it is being produced. 

For example, mayonnaise made in America often uses whole eggs and distilled vinegar as its primary ingredients. Even though this is a tasty type of mayonnaise, mayonnaise from other regions of the world really provides people’s taste buds with a unique flavor. This is particularly true of Kewpie mayonnaise!

Japanese Condiment

Kewpie mayo is a Japanese condiment that is packed with flavor. This unique mayonnaise can be described as being extremely rich and smooth. 

But how exactly does it get this incredible flavor? It is all in the ingredients! Kewpie mayo uses only egg yolks in its recipe. The egg yolks provide that rich taste that the mayo is known for.

Japanese Eggs

Japanese eggs are superior to other eggs in some parts of the world because their yolks are dark orange. They get this deep color because their chickens are free-range which produces simply better-tasting yolks. 

The Kewpie recipe has 4 whole egg yolks for every 500g of mayo. This really makes the product decadent, savory, and delicious. 

While egg yolks are the biggest contributor to Kewpie’s distinct flavor, there are other factors that make it so special. Below are the other ingredients and characteristics that make Kewpie so remarkable! 

What Makes Kewpie So Tasty 

The Vinegar 

Vinegar plays a large part in any mayo recipe. However, most recipes use distilled vinegar. Distilled vinegar simply isn’t the best choice when it comes to mayo. 

Kewpie is known to use rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar which balances the condiment so much better than distilled vinegar. Additionally, these types of vinegar provide more tang to the condiment whereas distilled vinegar is a bit flatter in flavor. 

No Added Preservatives 

Kewpie prides itself on having no added preservatives. It maintains its fresh flavor by natural preservatives that are derived from vinegar and the addition of salt. This primarily comes from MSG which has a bad reputation, especially in America. 

However, MSG isn’t as bad as people think. It is a form of salt that is used in many Japanese dishes or condiments and merely acts as a natural preservative. 

The Packaging  

Part of what keeps Kewpie mayonnaise tasting its best lies within its overall packaging. Every detail of the mayonnaise is carefully planned out from the ingredients right down to the very bottle it is packaged in.

The design of the bottle is made in such a way as to prevent oxygen from entering the bottle. Oxygen is what spoils food by creating bacterias.

Kewpie’s bottle features an aluminum tip to keep oxygen out.


Additionally, the bottle is thicker than other containers which creates a better barrier between what is inside the bottle and oxygen.

The Process of How It’s Made 

Every mayo goes through some sort of emulsifier process. Essentially, this process is what gives the mayo its final texture and creaminess.

Kewpie mayo also follows this process, however, because of its higher quality ingredients, like the rich dark orange egg yolks, it becomes extremely creamy in texture. 

Additionally, it is said that Kewpie mayo undergoes a much more intense whipping process of its egg yolks, vinegar, and oil which ultimately contributes to its overall taste. 

Kewpie mayonnaise can be found in 8 different countries in addition to Japan itself. The product truly has an international status of being not only delicious but within the top tier of mayonnaise throughout the world. 

For those who want to experience a richer tasting mayonnaise with a satisfying tangy aftertaste, Kewpie mayo is absolutely worth trying in lots of different sandwiches, especially Katsu Sando.

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