Burger vs Sandwich – (Definition by Comparison)

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Burger vs Sandwich - The Differences by Comparison

Some of the most popular meals globally are burgers and sandwiches. When prepared in the right manner, the two meals are tasty, delicious, healthy, and quick to prepare. 

With many people living on a budget, cost-saving measures are important, and in this, burgers and sandwiches both make an affordable choice of food.

It is not uncommon to find people using the words burger and sandwich interchangeably, and this adds to the blurred line of boundary between the two.

However, this is not the case, there is a clear difference between a burger and a sandwich which we’ll take a look at now.

This article is going to help in exploring the difference between a burger and a sandwich, and the usage of the words thereof.

Burger & Sandwiches By Locality

In conversation, most people know the difference between a burger and a sandwich. Both burgers and sandwiches are fairly common foods which can be found in many parts of the world.

Having a global presence means there are many different variations in terms of presentation, ingredients and taste sensations between these two giants of the food world.

The sandwich by definition

By definition a sandwich generally refers to two slices of bread which hold at least one or two ingredients, and can be served either hot or cold. The two slices of bread can be with or without butter.

The ingredients used in making sandwiches are almost limitless. However popular choices include meats, salad, fish, and cheese to name a few general types of sandwich filling. 

There is no shortage of a type of sandwich that one can prepare. These include cheese sandwiches, club sandwiches, meat sandwiches, and egg sandwiches

Another popular type of sandwich that is becoming more popular in the fast food market is the grill sandwich. The bread that is used in making these sandwiches can be multi-grain, wheat meal, or whole meal.

Burger by definition

Simply put, a burger is a type of sandwich made from minced or ground meat which is served in a bread bun. In the United States, the word burger is used to refer to a patty of meat. 

Others categorize a burger and a sandwich depending on how filling they are in satisfying hunger. In connection to this, some would categorize a burger as a meal whereas others would categorize a sandwich as a mere snack.

Because a sandwich is mostly served when it is cold, it makes a better snack option especially if one is travelling or for someone who has a busy schedule. Unlike a burger which has to be prepared in advance of eating however short notice.

Health comparisons

An increasing number of people are becoming conscious about the food they consume and the health implications. The question then becomes which is healthier between a burger and a sandwich. 

Burger patties are prepared by cooking on a skillet, and therefore, the burger tends to have a higher amount of calories. Again, burgers may contain a high level of fats which is worth noting for those on a low fat diet.

Is a Sandwich the healthy option?

A sandwich tends to be a healthier choice between the two if you use healthy fillings inside the sandwich.

In addition to that, it is easier to prepare a sandwich from home, and food from home is considered healthier than food from fast food restaurants. 

When preparing sandwiches at home, it is advisable that one avoids a high amount of sodium, sugar, and fat. Healthy sandwiches include salad, tomatoes, lettuce, and even fish. Avoid adding a high amount of cheese and red meats if you have a healthier preference.

And just to throw ground turkey into the mix. The boundary between a burger and a sandwich in recent years has become more blurred with the ever growing use of ground turkey as a healthy substitute for ground beef.

Final Thoughts

Food terminology is generally down to regionality and different parts of the world are going to interpret a word differently. But it is generally accepted that a burger is a type of a sandwich served in a round bun with a patty of ground beef.

Overall, the debate about the difference between a burger and a sandwich is not going to die any time soon, but let’s all rejoice at the fact we have such great choices when it comes to food.

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