Leftover Pork Loin Sandwiches (Quick & Simple Recipe)


Leftover Pork Loin Sandwiches Recipe

Cold pork leftover from a family roast makes great sandwiches during the week to feed those hungry kids. This recipe uses pork loin but you can use any cold pork you have in your refrigerator.

Leftover cold pork can tend to be a little dry in a sandwich, so here I’ve added some mayo and grainy mustard mix to the recipe to compliment the pork loin meat.


To make the mayo and mustard sauce, mix 2 Tbsp of mayo with a single Tbsp of grainy mustard together.

I’ve used brown bread for my sandwich but it really doesn’t matter what type of bread you use. Spread some butter on each side of the bread and add the mayo and mustard mix generously to each buttered side of bread.


Add several layers of sliced cold pork and top with crunchy iceberg lettuce. You can add some fresh chives as well if you have some in your kitchen.


What better way to enjoy leftover pork, and keep the family fed during the week with this delicious sandwich recipe. Enjoy!



Cold Pork Sandwich


  • Sliced bread
  • Cold leftover cooked pork loin
  • 2 Tbsp mayo
  • 1 Tbsp grainy mustard
  • Butter
  • Iceberg Lettuce
  • Chives (Optional)
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  1. Mix the mayo and mustard together
  2. Butter the bread
  3. Spread the mayo and mustard mix on to the buttered bread
  4. Add a layer of pork loin
  5. Top with sliced iceberg lettuce
  6. Close sandwich with remaining bread slice
  7. Serve